The interactive screen has undoubtedly established itself as the most efficient tool for creating a fun and profitable user experience. From advertising billboards in commercial spaces to interactive kiosks within administrations, it has become familiar in many public spaces.

Arckipel designs, customizes and installs its own applications to meet the needs of its customers.



Indoor, outdoor and customized, interactive advertising screens and kiosks


Step 1

Determine your scenario of usage: indoor or outdoor? Will your display be exposed to humidity, temperature variations, vandalism?


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Step 2

Should your display be able to offer touch functions?


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Step 3

Is it more of a kiosk with advanced features or mainly a tool of content delivery?


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Step 4

Integrate any additional equipment as you need: QR code scanner, barcode, webcam, payment terminal, RFID reader, ID Card,...


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Step 5

Choose a size that suits your usage case. Ask our UserXperience experts for advice


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All your screens are remotely manageable thanks to the arcki-Play video player.


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Ready ?

You will find in our arcki-shop section, our ready-to-use products, already adapted to common use cases.
Do you need a personalized offer? An advisor will contact you to take charge of your project.

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